DINA (54) - Heart (LP)

by AudioSport Records


Medium: LP

Opmerkingen Beduidend.com:
Brand new item from one of our favorite labels: Audiosport records

A1. What do you say 6:48
A2. Blue men 7:36
A3. Slow down 7:06
B1. Strong 7:10
B2. Humbled 5:47
B4. You have it all 6:12
B3. Hide 5:08

Notities bij deze release uit de Discogs-databank:

DINA makes World Indie. Repetitive guitar parts, West African grooves, delicious guitar vibes and last but not least DINA's warm voice, the sound of which comes straight from her heart, are a trademark of her music. Her music feels like a desert landscape. So vast and wide, but a little later very intimate and vulnerable again

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