DJ Thimbles - Silly Symphonies - New Directions Vol.2 (CD, Comp, Mixed)

door Sound Of Silly


Cd of Vinyl: CD, Comp, Mixed


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1. Dark Matters 4:28
2. Sordid 5:27
3. Nu Pholk Sound 4:34
4. Eccentric Overload 7:20
5. Time Worm 4:12
6. Psychout (OST) 6:01
7. The Fire 4:48
8. Chief Rocka 5:07
9. That's It! 5:02
10. Beyond Time 6:25
11. Love Don't Live Here Anymore 4:14
12. Meltdown 5:39
13. Jarambi (Remix) 5:08
14. Scattah Break 4:22

Notities bij deze release uit de Discogs-databank:

Mixed and compiled for Silly Symphonies.

Packaging: standard digipak, black plastic tray, no insert/booklet.

"Made In Austria" printed on back cover.

(from back cover):
"While Silly Symphonies' main hall is still dominated by house, DJ Thimbles is doing his own thing out of the spotlight; where he displays his open minded approach towards music. This is why his sets contain an enormous variety of musical directions. When you take a look at the track listing you'll see he's not afraid to step away from the obvious choices (most tracks are dutch)."

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Barcode 8 713637 070064


Marketed By Essential Dance Music B.V.


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